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About This Course

Terraform is an open-source infrastructure-as-configuration software tool created by HashiCorp. Users define and provide data center infrastructure using a declarative configuration language known as HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL), or optionally JSON.

Terraform supports a number of cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web ServicesCloudflare, Microsoft AzureIBM Cloud, Serverspace, Google Cloud Platform. DigitalOcean, Oracle Cloud InfrastructureYandex.Cloud, VMware vSphere, and OpenStack.

Learning Objectives

Hello folks, if you want to learn Terraform in 2022 and looking for the best online courses and tutorials then you have come to the right place. In the past, I have shared the best DevOps courses and tools like Docker, Jenkins, and Kubernetes, and today I am going to share the best online courses to learn Terraform in 2022. The list contains online courses for both beginners and experienced engineers.
If you have done infrastructure deployment like creating a server, installing applications, and creating a production environment then you know that deploying and maintaining traditional infrastructure is a manual task fraught with repetitive tasks, inconsistent configuration, and always out-of-date documentation, Terraform aims to solve that problem.
TerraForm is an essential DevOps tool that is used to version infrastructure as code. It is also one of the most popular infrastructures as code tools available in the market, one of the reasons behind its popularity is because of its widespread support of multiple providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, and many more. This makes it one of the very important tools to have hands-on for DevOps Engineers.

Material Includes

  • Videos
  • Booklets


  • Verify that your CommCell environment meets the system requirements for the Commvault Terraform module.
  • The computer where you will use the module must have the following:
  • A more recent version of Windows, Linux, or Macintosh operating system.
  • Terraform 0.12 or a more recent version. For instructions to install Terraform, see Install Terraform.
  • GO 1.12 or a more recent version. For instructions to install GO, see Install GO.
  • The computer must communicate with the web server or the CommServe server.
  • The CommCell environment must have the following:
  • Commvault Version 11 Feature Release 22 or a more recent version.

Target Audience

  • When you apply changes to your Terraform projects, Terraform generates a plan that includes all of the differences between your configuration and the resources currently managed by your project, if any. When you apply the plan, Terraform will add, remove, and modify resources as proposed by the plan.
  • In a typical Terraform workflow, you apply the entire plan at once. Occasionally you may want to apply only part of a plan, such as when Terraform's state has become out of sync with your resources due to a network failure, a problem with the upstream cloud platform, or a bug in Terraform or its providers. To support this, Terraform lets you target specific resources when you plan, apply, or destroy your infrastructure. Targeting individual resources can be useful for troubleshooting errors, but should not be part of your normal workflow.


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The Basics

Course Project – Components & Databinding

Using Services & Dependency Injection

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